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18 AugMakita Rp1800 Wood Router Review

Makita Rp1800_3

The Makita Rp1800 is a plunge wood router that offers the speed of 22,000 RPM and is basically for series of wood cuttings like mortise and dadoes. Are you new in wood working or you are a professional and you want a tool that gives best results in wood workings like cabinetry, furniture, doors, and […]

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14 MayWhat type of work can you do with an air compressor?

With the invention of new electronic gadgets every day, our lives are becoming simpler and simpler, especially in terms of comfort. When it comes to technology, there have been some mind-blowing inventions in the past which are the prime reason for almost all the recently evolved electronic items. One such great example in the field […]

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26 AprHow to maintain an electric hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmers are a great help in maintaining your garden in its most beautiful and appealing sight. That is why it is a must to maintain and take good care of it for future use. Even though we thought that we maintain it right, we often see our trimmer being dull or worse, in its […]

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07 NovHayward Pool Heater Review

If you love to swim regularly but are not able to indulge yourself come winter, then you need to go in for a pool heater. There are various ways for you to heat your swimming pool, from using solar panels to electricity and propane gas but each comes with its own set of advantages and […]

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28 JulHow to Grow Peas

sweet pea

Both peas for podding and mangetout peas require the same treatment. Some varieties (usually round seeded as opposed to wrinkle seeded) can be sown in the autumn, or late winter, to give the earliest crops.

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28 JulGrow your own courgettes


All courgettes need is a little heat in the early stages to get them started and once well-established can be planted out into well-prepared soil as described below when, with a little care, they can be harvested right up until the first hosts.

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28 JulGrowing Mini Parsnips

Mini baby vegetables have really increased in popularity during recent years including parsnips. To grow mini parsnips you must first choose the correct varieties which have been bred to quickly produce small roots. Mini parsnips can be sown in succession from the end of April to mid-June and you will be amazed at how quickly […]

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28 JulGet Composting

Rather than filling your bins with kitchen scraps and garden clippings, recycle them into a valuable resource: compost.

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26 JulFruits in Your Garden

fruit tree

Apples and pears are no longer confined to commercial orchards. Decorative, edible and functional, these popular pome fruits are finally making their mark in gardens of all sizes.

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